“Bring your own lampshade, somewhere there's a party…here it's never ending, can't remember when it started”

the replacements


Our“off–the–rack” solution for those who need it yesterday.

Throwing a party can be intimidating. Yet, connecting face-to-face is more important than ever. We say control what you can, and let the other stuff settle, take root, and blossom into memories, stories, and friendships.

Whether you’re serving haute cuisine to a table of twelve or throwing a surprise birthday bash for your best mate, these pieces lend a helping hand for pulling it all together.

How it works: 

1) Purchase a package

2) Check your email inbox & download

3) Print or email your pieces

4) Chill the wine, and turn up a playlist.



Featuring Stephanie's original collagework, extraordinary embellishments, cotton paper and hand bordered edging. Each set includes Stephanie’s favorite fountain pen & ink.