Your personalized kit of Stephanie's favorite tools awaits you for a workshop of artistic expression. We will begin with an introduction to English Round hand (Copperplate calligraphy)  and the tools of the trade.  In this workshop we will cover writing the alphabet and words, with plenty of time for one-on-one instruction. Sip tea or coffee as you  learn how to express a calligraphic skill that is already built-in and uniquely your own. All materials and supplies will be provided.



Saturday February 7th, 1:00pm– 4:30pm
Saturday March 14, 10:00pm– 1:30pm
Saturday April 18th, 1:00pm– 4:30pm
Location: Stephanie's studio at 215 Avon Street, Charlottesville, VA 22902

What Students Have to Say

""Stephanie's workshop (I've taken 2 now) introduces the fundamental skills needed to work with a pen and nib. Beyond just an introduction, Stephanie pushes her students to develop their own style and explore their creative expression. She is an absolutely wonderful teacher and offers one-on-one instruction which is super important when first starting out! With the education and tools Stephanie provided, I was able to go home and continue my practice!" –Anna G., Design & Production Coordinator at Fête Weddings

I stepped into Stephanie Fishwick's workshop with an admiration and love for the art form of calligraphy but absolutely no experience in the craft.  I stepped out of the workshop with all the materials and instruction needed to practice the basics!  Stephanie was an excellent (and patient!) teacher, and the workshop was full of creativity and fun--the perfect way to spend a day with friends. Ainsley D.